This is a response to User:Obsideon's RARITY? blog and related to User:Mrob27's Relative Abundances of Materials blog. Please see those articles for additional information.

While exploring my various moons I kept track of the frequency and amount of each of the uncommon ores and crystals that I Collected. Uncommon ore's include all Materials that are currently generated in the ground except Dirt, Gravel, Rock, Sand, and Water. I didn't include Snow either because currently the only way to get it is to transmute Rock using the Brown Mob's explosions. I also didn't include any of the Xenobiologicals or their Mineral "fruits" or any other minerals.

Percentages are only related to the materials listed in the table. For example, if you collect each of the materials listed in the table every time you encounter them 26.8% of the blocks will be Magnetite, 27.2% of the deposits will be Magnetite, the average number of blocks in each Magnetite deposit will be 6 and the largest deposit will be 16 blocks. I did come across one Magnetite deposit with 21 blocks, but I think that was two veins that just happened to be touching.

Abundance of Ores and Crystals
Material Abundance (%) Deposit Frequency (%) Average Deposit Size Max Deposit Size
Magnetite 26.8 27.2 6 16
Aluminum 12.4 15.1 5 13
Gold 9.9 14.8 4 9
Titanium 10.2 13.8 5 11
Notchium 2.2 4.0 3 6
Yellow Crystal 26.8 11.6 14 36
Pink Crystal 8.4 9.7 16 37
Blue Crystal 3.3 3.8 5 22

All data in the table are based on deposits visible from the moon's surface, including those embedded in ice. No material obtained by mining was included. Blue Crystal is more common underground, which may account for the differences in Mrob27's count and the one presented here. Plants (other than crystals) were not included because their frequency depends on the amount of Tree Cover chosen in the World Settings when a new moon is created.

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