• Scooter8pie

    This is a response to User:Obsideon's RARITY? blog and related to User:Mrob27's Relative Abundances of Materials blog. Please see those articles for additional information.

    While exploring my various moons I kept track of the frequency and amount of each of the uncommon ores and crystals that I Collected. Uncommon ore's include all Materials that are currently generated in the ground except Dirt, Gravel, Rock, Sand, and Water. I didn't include Snow either because currently the only way to get it is to transmute Rock using the Brown Mob's explosions. I also didn't include any of the Xenobiologicals or their Mineral "fruits" or any other minerals.

    Percentages are only related to the materials listed in the table. For example, if you collect ea…

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  • Scooter8pie

    Brown Mobbed Beacons

    January 19, 2012 by Scooter8pie

    I have to admit it, this test was challenging. It took the creation and resetting of more than a few moons. It was also a lot of trial and error. But I finally did it, I got a Brown Mob to explode inside a group of Beacon blocks and the results are in: Beacons transmute into Dirt (Topsoil) when destroyed by a brown mob's explosion.

    I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed with the result, we already have two other ways to get topsoil (Colorwood and Blue Gravel). I was hoping for something a little more exciting for all of my trouble.

    I did learn a few things along the way:

    • If a beacon is placed underground the friendly astronaut will appear on the moon's surface. (If a beacon is placed at the upper block limit the astronaut wi…
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  • Scooter8pie

    Pit Mobs

    November 30, 2011 by Scooter8pie

    Four Space Giraffes, two Green and a Brown Mob walk into a lair…. I know this sounds like the start of a bad joke, and I found the situation funny at the time, but I don’t have a punch line.

    Regulars to this site will know that I like experimenting with the Brown Mob. I usually try to trap them when they cross my path. This particular instance I found one that had fallen down into an Astronaut Lair. I had an experiment in mind, so I decided to try to trap it. There were no Astronauts in the main shaft so I didn’t have to worry about them causing the brown mob to explode. I knew I had to be quick about it though, because there may be other shafts with astronauts inside and it would eventually jump down one. I was playing in explore mode so I…

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  • Scooter8pie

    As Far As the Eye Can See

    November 29, 2011 by Scooter8pie

    Calling this blog “Render Distance” would have been more technically correct, it just sounded too formal and this project was more “touchy feely” than technical. Everything described in this blog was done with ‘Show Fog’ set to OFF in the options menu. I am also fairly certain that the render distances aren’t the same at every location on the moon. Render distance may even change depending on the number of mobs on the screen. I’m hoping that Mrob27 will be able to fill me in on the technicalities of rendering.

    I got this idea after experimenting with the transparency bug and my new terrain generation experience. I knew that the size of a “superblock” was 128 blocks x 128 blocks. I also knew that transparency boundaries occurred every 16 blo…

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  • Scooter8pie

    Inventory Bugs

    November 27, 2011 by Scooter8pie

    Anyone who has played Mooncraft for a while has probably noticed a few odd things that happen with your inventory and the Assembler. Things that the programmers probably didn’t intend to happen. Things that will probably be fixed in a future update. Until then, here is a list of some of the bugs that I’ve noticed (these bugs are most noticeable in explore mode, but you will sometimes recognize them in creative mode as well):

    This is a bug that most players notice not long after they start playing the game. With many Devices the components are not used up when the device is created. This is really useful in the creation of legions of Turrets, but it’s also nice to hold onto Energy Orbs and Refined Notchium after you’ve made your v3 Jetpack o…

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