Lunacraft has five world settings, which can be found on the Creating Your Moon page. One of them is the Cave Frequency setting, which, to a new person, would seem to adjust the frequency of caves. However, there doesn't seem to be any natural caves, and Chasms were removed in Update; however, Lunacraft does have Astronaut Lairs. My theory is that the Astronaut Lairs are actually a sort of "artificial cave" intended to look like the Astronauts built it, and that the Cave Frequency setting actually adjusts that. I will edit this blog once I have my results.

1st Test Results

I have done the first out of three test on this theory, and so far, my theory holds true. Here are some constants: All other world settings are not changed, and I always travel north.

1st moon

On the first moon, I set the Cave Frequency to its minimum. The first Astronaut Layer I found was 5.9 km from the insertion (spawn) point. Here are some photos.

IMG 5922

Top view of first moon

IMG 5924

View inside the main shaft, with a blue Astronaut in the way

2nd moon

The second moon, as I said, had different results. I set the Cave Frequency to maximum, and the first Astronaut Layer I found was 2.0 km from insertion point, much lower than the first moon. Here are photos.

IMG 5925

Top view of second moon

IMG 5926

View inside the main shaft, wih many more Astronauts blocking the view

But of course, it's not enough to do just one test, so I will do at least two more.

2nd Test Results

This is the second out of three test, and my theory still remains true. The constants are all the same.

3rd moon

On the third moon, the Cave Frequency has been set to its minimum, and the first Astro Layer i foun was 3.3 km away from insertion point. Here are photos.

IMG 5927

Top view of third moon

IMG 5928

View inside the main shaft, with some Astronauts photobombing lol

4th moon

On the fourth moon, the Cave Frequency was set to max, and the first Astro Layer I found was 2.3 km from insertion point, lower than the third moons, but not as much of a difference compared to the first and second moons. Here are photos.

IMG 5929

Top view of fourth moon

IMG 5930

View inside main shaft, with even more photobombers!

I will do one more test before coming to a conclusion.

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