• Mrob27

    Internal Data Format

    November 12, 2011 by Mrob27

    I have now become sufficiently interested in this genre of gaming that I'd like to be able to export my saved game data to other programs in the future.

    So I've started looking at the data that the game saves when you create and/or save the moon.

    In general, this is done by having two different ways to look at the world. Usually the game itself is one way of looking at the world, then you use some other method (like looking in memory or looking at saved files, etc.). You make changes in the game and see how it affects the files, or you change the files and see how it affects the game.

    In this case I don't want to change the world, I just want to figure out how to make a copy of it, maybe in a plain text file of some kind that would be suitabl…

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  • Mrob27

    Astronaut Wrangling

    November 11, 2011 by Mrob27

    This article describes how I corral and transfer Astronauts from one place to another. There is a related article on Mob Wrangling.

    Any open pit deeper than about 6 blocks deep and with no tunnel exits will hold all 5 types of astronauts almost indefinitely.

    Although astronauts of the different colors often fight one another, they also can peacefully coexist with one another. It seems that about half of the astronauts that enter a pit like this will be shot by another astronaut shortly after entering the pit. After a while the shooting stops and any remaining astronauts then remain indefinitely.

    Pits like this also catch most of the other types of Mobs.

    For one big project, described here I ended up with about 25-30 astronauts and two giraffes i…

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  • Mrob27

    Hopping Bug

    November 9, 2011 by Mrob27

    (Not to be confused with the similarly named, but infinitely awexomer, Infinite Jumping Glitch)

    Press and hold your Jetpack button. While the jetpack is still firing, press the iPad/iPhone's power button to turn off the device. With the v1 jetpack you have to be quick, it's a little easier with the better jetpacks. You'll know it worked if you are still hearing the jetpack sound (briefly) after the screen goes black.

    Now turn your device back on. You are now Hopping!

    While Hopping, you can do anything you normally do in the game: move around, place blocks, drill, pick up items, throw away items, use the Assembler, etc. -- anything that doesn't involve pressing the Jetpack button. You can climb only one block at a time, so you might need to ch…

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  • Mrob27

    Cursed Items

    November 8, 2011 by Mrob27

    Some inventory items (including your original Drill I and Slugpistol, and any Battery) are "cursed" -- you cannot discard them (normally done by bringing up your inventory and dragging the unwanted item anywhere outside the inventory boxes).

    This might be a game safeguard to make sure you don't lose these important items, but if you make a better drill or pistol you probably don't want the old ones.

    However, you can get rid of your old pistol when you make a new pistol. Use the Assembler to create a new pistol, and drag the newly-created pistol onto the old pistol. Your old pistol will be gone, replaced by the new one. The same technique works on drills. The new items are not "cursed" and can be thrown away.

    If also want a second drill as a "…

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  • Mrob27

    Geology excavation project

    November 8, 2011 by Mrob27

    This article shows how I created the photos for the Geology article.

    Overview of the excavations used to create the geology photos

    For reference (in the following description) North is at the top, and West to the left.

    This world was created in "Creative" mode (create without limits, safely), with all four options (tree cover, terrain roughness, exotic terrain, and cave frequency) set to the default (center) positions.

    First I found a good location -- a hill next to ice, that could be viewed from the side, marked and excavated to show a typical cross-section.

    I marked the location of my "cross-section" with red blocks spaced at a distance of two blocks apart. This became the western edge of the excavated pit. For the rest of the process I did n…

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