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    September 28, 2012 by Mrob27

    This blog page is a test of different ways to get a panorama to display in the Wiki.

    It also helps show examples of constructions I have done in Mooncraft.

    Here is a panorama of the interior of the Hollow Hill project when it was roughly half complete.

    Interior of Hollow Hill

    This is a 360-degree panorama taken from 2nd floor in the as-yet-unexcavated southwest area of the Hollow Hill. From left to right we see:

    Looking south and southwest: We see a floor with Gravel walls and a lot of Light blocks. This is part of the 2nd floor, still partly excavated.
    Looking west and northwest: Dimly-lit vertical Gravel walls. Beyond this is the western part of the hill, which I haven't even started on yet.
    Looking north, northeast, east and southeast: We see …

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    Dome 7 inside Hollow Hill

    September 22, 2012 by Mrob27

    As described in my Hollow Hill Project blog, the hill began with just a winding path up to the summit. After many months I decided to dig a connecting passage from the block 130 exhibit room to the hill, and I made this passage end in a staircase that would emerge right by the side of the path at the summit.

    Shortly after digging the stairs I then decided to widen part of the stairs into an underground room, roughly cylindrical in shape. It was about 9 blocks across and 12 blocks high, and the stairs went right through the middle of it.

    Here is a cross-section of the Hill before I began to hollow it out in earnest. The cylindrical room that is to become Dome 7, and the long staircase are visible:

    Soon I thought maybe it might be fun to enlarg…

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    Hollow Hill Project

    September 19, 2012 by Mrob27

    This page documents my massive ongoing project to hollow out almost an entire superblock full of hills and convert the inside into a sort of "Space Mountain".

    • Nov 2011: I use my maps to find the highest hill and make a path to the top
    • Aug 2012: I add a connecting passage from the Block 130 exhibit chamber, ending in a staircase emerging at the summit.
    • Aug 2012: Add the future Dome 7 as a langing on the staircase.
    • Sep 2012: Add astronaut trenches around the edges of the hills. Begin enlarging the Dome 7 chamber into a hollow hill
    • Sep 2012: Add perimeter surface-level balcony; connect the Hollow Hill to the subway.

    Like the ceiling of the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the sky outside is often seen from inside Hollow Hill

    Several months ago I used my mapp…

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    The lunacraft forums have recently been abuzz with this question. The following post by the intrepid A Wikia contributor sums it up nicely:

    I'm stuck at this stupid block builder deluxe does anyone know how to get past it?

    There are three reasons why you might be asking this question:

    1. You paid $1.99 for the rip-off app "Mooncraft: Build Blocks". Sorry, but it's a hoax. The screen shots are images taken from Minecraft, but the actual game is a simple "block stacking" game. Delete the app, and stop buying stuff where 95% of the people gave it a 1-star rating.
    2. You got some other video game like "Bob The Builder Deluxe", or "John Deere American Builder Deluxe", but fell asleep while playing and woke up to find someone had shoved an iPad in front of your…
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    This wiki was founded by Jmarsh97, who did a great job creating lots of pages and getting things started.

    However, Jmarsh97 has (for good reasons I'm sure) been unable to spend the time to keep in touch with this wiki and take care of the tedious work of killing spam and so on.

    Scooter8pie has on a couple occasions contacted the Wikia staff to deal with some of the really extreme cases of spam and profanity, and they were able to help. However, there's a lot of stuff that doesn't rise to the same level of urgency but still ought to be done. For example, it would be nice to be able to un-categorize something, or delete a page whose title was mis-spelled by mistake, etc.

    Yesterday I contacted the Wikia staff myself, asking them "what can we do?…

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