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    Mobs attracted to Player

    November 6, 2012 by Mrob27

    For some reason, the content of the page "Mobs_attracted_to_Player" was marked for deletion, so I have created this blog article to try to preserve it.

    There is substantial evidence that Mobs tend to spawn near the player, and that the game re-spawns the player in a position near existing mobs, such as Astronauts that have just killed the player.

    Yoshiyahu reports:

    • So I was playing Creative mode on one of my Moons, and I was building my house from Zircon Ore, when I heard a bunch of shooting. When I first started building my house, there were no astronauts near were I was building my house. So I saw five astronauts all shooting at me. I shot them all then continued to build my house. About five seconds later, I saw five more astronauts. I als…
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    Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are stored in a file with the "IPA" (iPhone App) extension. As seen on the Wikipedia page for ".ipa_(file_extension)". It says: "Files with the .ipa extension can be uncompressed by changing the extension to .zip and unzipping."

    If you have a Mac or a PC and use iTunes to get your apps, then you can use it to extract the contents of the Lunacraft app, which includes things like the Items file.

    The name of your Mooncraft or Lunacraft file will depend on what version you currently have. Update 1.7.0 is called "mooncraft 1.7.0.ipa". Update 1.8 is called "lunacraft 1.8.0.ipa". Update 1.9 is called "lunacraft 1.9.ipa". Here we'll assume you have version 1.9.

    • Find the file called "lunacraft 1.9.ipa". On a Mac …
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    On the iPad, all of my moons have a green sky. I know it gives you random sky colours every time you create a new game, because I've gotten other colours on the iPhone (purple, orange, and red). But not the moons I care about:

    I want to keep all 4 games on the iPad and certainly am not going to start over just to get a different colour sky. But this green sky thing is kind of boring.

    In my blog on the Internal Data Format I mention that the sky colour is in a certain file, but I hadn't figured it out fully. Last week I worked on it a little more, and got far enough to at least be able to change the sky colour.

    The procedure is:

    • Work out the filename of the game.dat file (for Moon A, it is "ce8e8bbdb9cecd758687feae89e910a232b5f03c")
    • Back up the…

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    October 11, 2012 by Mrob27

    I decided to engage in a project a little more fun, and less tedious than the massive Hollow Hill project, and try my hand at realistic architecture above-ground.

    Panoramic view of the city walls, castle, city gate, park, and various houses. (The purple blocks are temporary markers)

    Here the sky is blue, but in most of the photos the sky was green. That's because I changed my sky colour; for details see my blog article "For the Moon is Hollow, and I Have Changed the Sky".

    The name "Molycastle" is a reference to the impressive and tragically lost PolyCastl by OrigamiDragons.

    As I mentioned, I did this because it would be fun, and a way to practice building things that look real, and because carving out a huge hill got to be a tad boring.

    Every …

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    The Subway

    October 5, 2012 by Mrob27

    The subway is a way to get places more quickly, and without getting lost, and also has no Astronauts. The only special material you need are Ice and Light or Mini Lights, so a subway is quite feasible in either survival mode or creative mode.

    I play in creative mode. Some time after I had built a pretty good base, I accidentally threw away my graphite and wanted it back. Checking the Assembler recipes, I saw that I could make graphite from Moon Bark, which must be obtained from Colorwood trees (because it is not provided for you).

    Colorwood trees are pretty rare on this moon (I had left all the options set to the default center position) so I had to look pretty far to find one.

    I created the Subway so I could search for the Colorwood tree wit…

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