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Picture the scene. You have finished building you own astronaut lair. You have all 4 types of spacemen trapped in your own underground bunker. You have built an unnecessary village with an unnecessary 'power station'. But you could go through all that building and mining and get lost somehow. That's the worst thing that could happen to you, right?


Solution to getting lost? Take small marked journeys around your location and wait until you recognise something.

But what if Mooncraft decided to crash? And then, after you have launched the world, everything you have created within the loading area (the crash site ) is gone. What's more, you will not recognise the terrain at all. In fact, you will belive that you despawned and spawned somewhere nearby. But you are in the exact same place you 'crashed'. Proof of this would be found outside the 'crash site', where your spaceman collection tunnel would still be intact. Amazingly, so would your spacemen.

So mobs, structures and terrain outside outside the loaded area are safe.

Now, try to find the solution to that!

Suspected theories

I've had replies which involve too many mobs overloading the map, or mining/placing so fast that the map can't keep up with the graphics.

My theory is that the map overloads, due to the quantity of mobs and tries to remove them from the area. This supposedly bypasses the file with your location on the moon, accidentally deletes the area in the process of deleting all the mobs so that when you re-enter, the area reloads and everything within is lost.

Likely causes

Each time it happened was on creative mode. I dont know whether it happens in explore mode, so I would love to know (in a 'need to know' sort of way) if it happened to anyone in explore mode.

Sometimes when the game crashes, it happens to be in the middle of re-writing one of the Superblocks. When this happens, the superblock data file is incomplete, and the next time the game loads, it will find that it cannot load that part of the map, so it re-generates new terrain.
Mrob27 (talk) 07:18, November 3, 2012 (UTC)