Just found a huge awesome glitch in the survival explorermode or watever its called but anyway i wz just mining looking around for different minerals n while in my inventory stacking different materials i came across basaltic rock n when i tried putting the two stacks together that i had, instead of combining them it like multiplied them n kept the two stacks seperate i kept doing it over n over again n now i hav like 9 million basaltic rock in each stack! This sounds hard to belive but im not lieing i will post the screenshot later when i get time to hook up my ipad to my computer. this is truly incredible!


Just took a closer look at wat exactly is happening and figured it out. Each stack is multiply itseflf by 2. I dont remeber wati started with exactly but i had 100something basaltic rock and a similaramount in another stack i went to put them together and eachoneindividually multiplied itself by two. I kept dragging one stack to the other n only about a minute later i already had not 9million (i miss read it the first time)but 900million something! The screenshot will b up soon i promise!

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