I haven't played Lunacraft for terribly long yet, so I'm hoping I'll get better at it, but I have a problem. I die, a LOT.

It didn't happen much at first, and in fact I killed the first Astro (white) I found in a Lair by just peeking around corners and sniping him. Since then, however, I've died a good dozen times to Astros on the surface. I suppose I don't mind all that much, since my inventory is untouched, but trying to find my way back to where I was digging up resources isn't always easy.

I'm in dire need of some combat training. Every time I run into a green Astro I get owned. In the face. I imagine people playing on an iPad have a better time at it, but on my iPhone my fingers seem to get in the way of aiming.

Eventually I'll have a base that I can defend from, but for now I'm going too far afield looking for resources. So I suppose I can live with the dying. But if you've got tips for open combat against Astros I'd be happy to hear them!

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