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"TODO" is one of the files in the Lunacraft app. See the blog article How to Examine the Contents of an iPhone App.

TODO is a text file (without the extension .txt like the items.txt) containing internal notes by the programmer. Most describe changes or improvements that were never implemented. There is a date "12/9", which probably refers to the 12th September 2011 (prior to the release of Update because this file is found in all versions of Lunacraft.

TODO File ContentsEdit

Bare bones to creative version --

  • Startup screen and bg of mainmenu
  • screenshots
  • blurb
  • icons


  • Help -- images in webview?
  • disk space warning
  • disable aspects of Inventory
  • final UI tweaks


  • Info Ids
  • Some crafting
  • More, weird terrains
  • Colored baddies
  • Adjustable gravity


Bare bones to completion:
Inventory descriptions
Discs for spacemen >> hardcode multiple items
Death and rebirth [reinserting] REINSERT? [yes] [no]
Victory condition - repair spaceship?

Title Screen
1h ! Splash graphic
Load Save Game
Clear Save Game
4h  ! In-Game Help


SFX Volume
Music Volume
Control Sensitivity
1h L/R Switching


2h Splitting up inventory items? Should I even bother?
2h  ! Item descriptions


4h Flyer - Flies and shoots at you
2h ! Bomber - Blows up when you touch him
4h Monkey - Steals items
4h ! Grey, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Gold, White -- Levels of monster danger


Mineral dispersion
Aluminum, Silicon, Boron, Molybdenum, Oxygen, Water, Fluorine
Artificial materials
Aluminum, Titanium, Megalonium, Adminium, Glass, Cy-Glass


Tunneling/Lattices - macroworld edge nodes


4h Spaceships


Better collision
Mobs pushing each other


Mineral based items
6h External inventories
Spectrum of drill, gun, jet, scan, bomb
6h Ladders
6h Steps
Removal of static items
2h ! Drawing of items in hand
2h Dropping items from mobs
2h drill enhancements
2h starting inventory
2h dropping treasures
2h disks
2h fist punching


'Reliable' Randomization by seed


2h Where are the blobs?
1h Simultaneous update when multiple chunks are affected by terrain alterations
1h Recipes work when extraneous items are in


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