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Molybdenum Ore is only obtainable through Alchemy.
See the blog post Alchemy and the Brown Mob for a detailed description on how to obtain this.
Molybdenum Ore
Molybdenum Ore Block
A Molybdenum Ore block


Transition Metal


Elemental Molybdenum


11.3 kC

First Appearance



Rare (due to Alchemy)

Internal Name


Crafting Guide



Aluminum Ore >> Molybdenum Ore >> Gold Ore

Molybdenum Ore is a block in Lunacraft that, currently, cannot be found naturally in the game.

General InformationEdit

Molybdenum Ore looks like Rock with magenta spots on it. It cannot be used as a Crafting ingredient; it can only be used as a building block.

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