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Mini Light

Mini Light

A Mini light is a light source created by combining adhesive and light blocks. It is not seen through glass, and if a block is placed on top of ot that block will glow, allowing many more ways to light up your base.


Type: Electrical Light
Composition: Mixed Illumination Decoration
Value 10.0 kC


Assembler GUI.png



Mini Light


General Info

A Mini Light is as bright as a Light block, but it has several advantages:

  • It is more economical; you get 4 Mini Lights for each Light block, so you can illuminate 4 times the area for each Light block you collect.
  • A Mini Light does not restrict movement through the block space that it occupies.(+This is with one exception)
  • Other blocks can be placed on Mini Lights, this will cause Materials to glow and light up a space. However the block on which the Mini Light was placed does not glow.
  • after the game is saved the Mini Light is recovered when the block it is stuck to is mined

Only one Mini Light can occupy a one block space. Mini Lights are not 'visible' through transparent or translucent blocks, this means that if you stick a Mini Light on one side of a Glass or Pink Crystal block, for example, and go look through the other side you will not see the Mini Light.

+ A minilight placed on a ceiling will stop a player if flown into. This is easy to work around and there is rarely even a situation like that that occurs so this is no a large problem and the only reason it's mentioned is in the rare event that someone does run into this problem. Although minilights will do this they are still arguably the better light source to use at this time. This may change if the developers ever decide that the game needs to have more options in the way of lights.

A Disk contains info on Mini Lights. "Dilute Biogel to make post-it lights".

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