Green Mob
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A Green Mob


Passive Mob







Green Mobs are the second smallest Mobs in Lunacraft, with Brown Mobs being the smallest.

General InformationEdit

They are commonly seen sliding across the lunar landscape. They are fairly easy to kill, as they will not attack you even if you attack them. Although Green Mobs are one block tall, they require a two-block tall space in order to move around.


Green Mobs are an olive green color, similar to that of Neptunium, only brighter. They have a black "G" on their back, and their face makes it look as if they had one, distorted eye.


Green Mobs spend most of their time simply jumping around the moon. They will not do anything if the player is nearby, and will not attack if provoked. They can jump very high (about five blocks), which they tend to do a lot. Astronauts will shoot at the Green Mob, usually killing it. If you see a random Biogel lying around, that means Astronauts may be nearby.

Difficulty WranglingEdit

Main Article: Mob Wrangling.

Green Mobs tend to be very difficult to catch. They jump around a lot, making an easy escape for them. They are also fast, making pushing them into your trap nearly impossible.

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