Gold Ore
Gold Ore Block
A Gold Ore block


Transition Metal


Elemental Gold


81.9 kC

First Appearance

Update 1.7.0



Internal Name


Crafting Guide

Gold Ore


Molybdenum Ore >> Gold Ore >> Silver Ore

Gold Ore is a block in Lunacraft that can be crafted into Refined Gold, which, in turn, can be used to befriend Astronauts.

General InformationEdit

The only purpose that Gold Ore has in the game so far is you can turn it into Refined Gold thus, allowing you to throw it at any color Astronaut, which then picks it up and proceeds to attack enemy Mobs around you. This is, as of now, the only way to befriend an Astronaut; however, it's not recommended you do this, because an annoying bug occurs when you do befriend one. They make a continuous shooting noise even when there aren't any bullets being fired.


Refined Gold (x4)

Assembler GUI 2.png

Gold Ore


Refined Gold

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