Day and Night is a game mechanic in Lunacraft that changes the position of the Sun, Neptune, and Stars, and also changes the brightness. The color of light the Sun and Neptune produce also changes; the Sun produces white light while Neptune shines blue light. The length of time for Day is about 5.5 minutes, and the same for Night. Temporarily, when changing between day and Night and vice versa, the entire world goes black. You can speed up the Day-Night cycle by using a Chronobooster, or set it in reverse using a Chronowinder.


When you first create your moon, the time will always be day. You will be able to see the Sun, but interestingly, you will also be able to see the stars, implying that the moon has a very thin atmosphere. The sky color will also vary.


After you play for a certain amount of time, the sun sets and everything goes dark, the sky color fading darker until it is black. During this time it is hard to see. During Night, Neptune is visible along with the slowly moving stars. It is a theory that mobs only spawn at night, but mobs (especially Astronauts) have actually been witnessed spawning at Day, and there are no mobs that are seen only at Night.
George I observation facility

A view of a base, behind which the blue-purple sky is darkening to black.

Photo (2)

Astronauts spawn at night, out of the ground.