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A Beacon




Quantium Transmitter


480.0 kC

First Appearance

Update 1.8



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Crafting Guide



Beacon >> Topsoil

The Beacon is an item in Lunacraft added in Update 1.8; it is now an item listed in the program's internal items.txt file.

General InformationEdit

Beacons - Stacked w Friendly Astronauts

Stacked Beacons with Friendly Astronauts

A Beacon will summon a Friendly Astronaut to the location where it is placed. Beacons behave like other Materials, as they can be placed like any other block, and if dropped from your inventory the hovering, spinning Entity will vanish in approximately 25 seconds.

Beacons can be stacked in your inventory and placed in the environment one on top of the other as a block. A new bright green Astronaut will appear for each Beacon you place. When placed a musical chime (scale from low to high pitch) is played.

The difference between a Beacon and most other placeable blocks is that when you break a Beacon you do not get the block back.

Friendly Astronauts are very buggy; a continuous shooting noise (the sound of a Slug Pistol firing) will begin shortly after the Astronaut appears. This usually causes the game to slow down, making it nearly impossible to play. It is unclear why the developers chose to add beacons without first fixing Friendly Astronauts. The sound can be outrun if you move a full superblock away from the sound. If you exit Lunacraft, then close it, and finally reopen it, it usually solves the problem of slowness.


Assembler GUI 2.png

Refined Aluminum

Refined Aluminum

Refined Aluminum


Power Crystal


Refined Aluminum

Refined Aluminum

Refined Aluminum


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