If you are Admin, be sure to check Lunacraft Wiki:Admin Noticeboard frequently as well.
Welcome to the Report Page.
Here you can report any problems on this site. It can be problems with this wiki, anyone breaking the Rules, etc. Unfortunately, due to the way Fandom powered by Wikia has things set up, it is not possible for mobile viewers to go to the normal report page without being taken to the full site. To make matters worse, mobile viewers can't access any sort of talk page, and they can't post comments either (although they can still view them). Because of this, you will have to report problems directly to this page. There is really no other way to pretty up this issue. To report, go to the mobile editing screen by tapping the pencil button at the top of the page. Then use"=={{Text}}==" to create a header, type your report, and sign your name with four tildes (~~~~)!

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